Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen reno started

Here are some before pictures of our kitchen (which actually looks much better in the pictures than it really is).  Just saying.....
The new kitchen cabinets have been ordered and are being built.  In preparation the landlord, Mr. Aboobaker, sent over his carpenter to remove the old cupboards.   With some prying and hammering they came loose, not necessarily in one piece.    The bottom cupboard finally got pulled from the wall but it was SO heavy that the helper ran to get some more men.  In the meantime, Elder Bullock discovered that the bottom shelf was actually made of brick.  They tipped the cupboard over and hammered and pryed some more to break the brick away.  That did lighten the load considerably and they managed to barely get it out the doors.  The bricks were shovelled into Davie's wheelbarrow and hauled out.   That was all done in a couple of  hours and then they informed us that they were done for the day and will be back on Monday.  I guess that is a good thing though as we will still have use of our kitchen sink for a few days.    
We have moved everything, including the stove, into the dining room and will have to make-do for a while. 
The landlord has agreed to pay to remove the old stuff - cupboards, tiles, lino squares; and he will put down new floor tiles and wall tiles.    It should look good.  He will also pay for 25% of the cabinets.  We are happy with that. After all, one day when the missionary couples no longer live here it will be his.   He did agree that we could rent this house for many years if we so wish.  :)    We would hate to do these renos and then get a notice to vacate.  He assured us he won't do that. 
Elder & Sister Bullock

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