Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Miracle in our Mission

The Lord does look after His missionaries!   There were 4 missionaries coming by bus from Zambia to serve in Malawi.  They arrived at the border and one missionary was refused entrance into the country because he is from D.R. Congo.    Of course, President Padovich was called and was trying to figure out what he should do and how to do it.  The missionaries did not have money for a hotel or for a bus ticket back to Lusaka so President Padovich was wondering if he should drive to the border (6 or 7 hours) or send the Assistants or what!   He knelt down and prayed about it and ask for help.  Shortly thereafter, he received a phone call from a man who said he was 'a friend'.  He told President Padovich that he had gotten the missionary through Immigration at the border and that he was now on the bus headed to Lilongwe.   President Padovich ask him how that was possible because the bus had already left (an hour ago).  The man told him that he had instructed the bus to wait and that all was well.  He said he would call Pres. Padovich the next day. (Haven't heard any more from Pres. P yet). 
We talked to one of the missionaries and he seemed to think the man was with the gov't. here and had spent some time in the States at some point.   It seems like this man was there, at the right place and time, when he was needed.  His travel plans had been delayed as well which put him where he needed to be to help our missionary.  It just shows how the Lord is mindful of each one of us and especially His missionaries.
When the missionary arrived in Lilongwe  the Pretes took him to Immigration the next morning and had to pay $70 USD for a visa.  Normally we don't pay for visas as they enter the country although we did have a Sister missionary, some months back, who was from Angola and she had to go through the same procedure. 

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