Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finally legal!

We applied for  TEPs (Temporary Employment Permits) for 5 Elders last year (May 25th, 2011) and finally they were approved and signed.  We have met with a couple of different people at the Ministers office in Lilongwe and they kept promising that we would have them soon.   It only took 14 months and now the only Elder left that needs to have it is Elder Dowse.  They won't make us pay for the other four so that is one good thing.
We surprised Elder Dowse with his TEP and even went and got a cake to celebrate!!!   He is the only missionary that hasn't been legal until now.  He can at least leave the country now and we won't have to worry that they might want to arrest him at the border.  He finishes his mission at the end of September - same time as we do.

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Michele said...

Hard to believe that your time is almost over. You have done a lot of good there.