Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shire River

The Shire River runs through Liwonde and Sitima Village  is also near the banks of the river.  It is the third largest river in Africa, after the Nile and the Zambezi.   There are a lot of hippos and crocodiles in the river.    When we stayed in Liwonde on Sunday night we stay at the Hippo Lodge.  We can always hear the hippos during the night as they often come up onto the grounds of the Lodge.  I got up early and went out near the River and read my scriptures and watched the sunrise.   There was no breeze blowing and the river was so calm.  There were a couple of boats out and they were throwing their fish nets in the river and then hauling them back into he boat. 
This is the seaon when everyone wants to burn the dry grass etc.   It was so smokey that morning that I could hardly see the mountains/hills off in the distance.  The fires here do not seem to burn the trees though, just the grass.  No one worries too much about the fires and they are burning here and there.   One reason they start fires is to enable them to catch the mice easier.  They eat them.  

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Cheryl said...

I loed the members and the meeting house in Sitima village! I hope that the members will decide to attend the Church sanctioned meetings. Let us know if they do indeed go all the way to church this Sunday.
The river looked so peaceful and calm. You'd never know that there was danger lurking below the surface.
I can't believe you'll be home in September already! Looking forward to hearing you both speak!