Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gift's new white shirt & tie

Pam sent a small white shirt,  tie, and belt  that her boys had grown out of.  I have kept it for a while looking for the right little boy to give it to.  The grateful little guy is Gift Gomani.  We had given his dad and 3 brothers white shirts and ties when they were baptized  and I noticed that he got missed.  We went to visit their home last Saturday with the Zone Leaders and he was waiting for us with his new shirt and tie on and I noticed that his parents must have bought him a new pair of Sunday pants too.    They were very appreciative.  They are doing well since their baptisms and are just a wonderful family.  
The second picture is of their home and lots of the neighborhood children gather when we come since we always try and bring them a 'sweet'.    It is hard not to love the children here.  Even though they are often in rags, shoeless and dirty they have smiles that just melt our hearts.  This is their life as they know it and they are happy!

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