Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our driveway with our new mission trucks - finally!!

I wanted to take a picture of this beautiful tree over-hanging our driveway.  It is really pretty.   Also, we finally got the trucks that were ordered more than 6 months ago.  One has already gone to Lilongwe for Pretes and two will stay here.  The Sisters here (Sister Sieben and Sister Njoroge) will get our truck.  Elder Bullock has been taking them driving to get used to traffic, wrong side of road, etc. etc.   They are excited to get a vehicle.

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Cheryl said...

I'm finally taking time to read my favourite blogs! Report cards are over and summer haolidays have begun...but best of all, I am officially retired. It feels good to be able to pput my energies into more worthwhiole pursuits, as teaching totally controls your life.
It was so good to cath up on everything that has been happening with you and the mission! Congratulations on the baptisms! Your driveway is quite beautiful! The spudnuts look delicious! How wonderful that your skills as a homemaker are able to contruibute to blessing the lives of the people you are serving!! What an inspired idea to have the sisiters learn to make spudnuts to sell on the streets!!!