Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our kitchen reno continues...

Our kitchen is now gutted - down to the brick and cement plaster.  The wall tiles were nasty to get off as they were cemented on.  The fellow who took them off was very slow and took a lot of break.  We weren't sure where he would go to.  We called the Landlord and told him that at this rate he would take 2 weeks and so he sent his son over who had a rather serious chat with the worker and suddenly he got busy and had it finished the next day (Fri).   The next step is to now chisel into the brick (walls are all made out of brick and then smoothed off with cement) and run new electrical outlets.  Then the walls will be plastered.   As soon as that is done (hopefully Monday) then someone will put new tile on the floor.  Jim has been removing the vinyl floor tiles and that has been a nasty job too.    
We have set up a wash station outside for our dishes etc.  The fridge and stove are in the dining room and that is working ok but we are selective about what we cook.   

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