Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blantyre 2nd Branch Relief Society Acitivity

Today, June 30th, we had a Relief Society activity with the sisters in Blantyre 2nd Branch.  We didn't get as many out as we hoped but had a good time.  I taught them how to make Spudnuts (dounuts).  It is something that they can now make themselves and sell on the streets to make a little money.  They are excited to do it.    Anything to help them sustain themselves is a good thing!  
I made some a couple of days ago and Christopher Sitolo and I took them out on the street here and gave some away and then ask the people what they would pay for one.  They all agreed that 50 kwacha was a fair price and one guy said that with the sprinkles on top they could be worth even 100 kwacha since they looked so pretty.  :)    

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