Friday, June 22, 2012

Malawian Kwacha/Diesel

Recently the country has come out with new kwacha (money).  The biggest bill before was a '500' but now there is a "1000' kwacha bill.  That makes things a little easier when it comes to counting out money.  Since the money was devalued recently it takes 270 kwacha to make one U.S. dollar now.  It seems like there is more foreign exchange available now too which really helps the businesses since they need the foreign exchange to buy goods to bring into Malawi.  No one outside Malawi will accept the kwacha.
The diesel situation is much better for now.  We can pretty much fill up when we want to.  Hopefully it will last.  We do have all our jerry cans full though as a back up.  (25 x 25 ltr. containers). 
Yesterday we received the three trucks that the mission ordered many months ago.  We had hoped to have them at the beginning of December when Pretes arrived but ........     It is good to finally have them but it was certainly a 'process' and they were very expensive with duties, import fees, etc. etc.    We will drive carefully.  :)  At the moment they are all parked here at our place.  Elder Prete will come and get his this weekend.  They have been using the Zone leader's vehicle and the zone leaders are VERY happy to get it back.  It has been hard.

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Lynn said...

Wow. Sure makes me realize how good we have it here. But one never knows, do they? We too must be prepared for such things, right? Happy to know that things are better for you and for the people.