Friday, June 22, 2012

Baptism at Liwonde

Last Saturday we had 6 baptisms in Liwonde.  These two are Aaron's younger sisters.  Aaron is working with one of our elders here in Blantyre because we are short of missionaries.   Bro. Benjamin baptized his two girls (11 and 12 yrs. old).  They were never baptized because the Branch in Sitima Village where they live was disbanded some years back.  He was nervous about doing the baptisms as he hasn't done that before but he did fine.   We took Aaron with us to Liwonde for the occasion and he confirmed them on Sunday.  It was a good day.    President Padovich has Aaron's mission call and will arrive here tonight.  Aaron will wait until Monday though to open it.  We have a zone activity Monday -- going to the game park at Liwonde.   Aaron's family will meet us at Bro. Chisambo's house on Monday morning and he will open it before we go into the game park.  He is very excited.  The Group in Liwonde and of course, his family, are very proud of him.   

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Lynn said...

Oh how exciting! Looks like you are so very busy with all these baptisms. That is great!