Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hi all,
We have had a busy day, for the most part.  We paid the DHL bill for the month and then we went to each flat and two church buildings to read the electric meter and see how much prepaid power is still left at each place and then tomorrow we will go buy more -- then we go back to each place and put in a code/number and give them more electricity.  
We also went to the Mozambique Embassy and applied for a double entry visa so we can drive through Mozambique to get to Zimbabwe next weekend to go to the mission couple's conference. We were told that if we get the visa before hand it makes the entry at the border go a LOT faster.   We are excited to go back to Harare and see our friends there - like Merci and Malaika, Lawrence, Dzikamai, Zvkomberero and Panashe, Seka, the Murenje family, etc. etc.   Hopefully we will be able to see them all but then it will be hard to say good-bye all over again, probably for the last time ever - well until the hereafter and then it will be a grand reunion!   
When we were downtown we ran into a white couple and stopped and talked.  They are from Kelowna, B.C. and are here doing some humanitarian work through the Rotary Club.  They have been in Africa for about a month (Mozambique, etc.).  She asked if she could give us some pairs of reading glasses to give out as we see the need.  We met them this evening and had supper together and a nice visit and she gave us 12 prs. of glasses.  She had brought 4 suitcases full with her and this is the last of them.  She works at an optometry place in Kelowna.  Sounds like they have travelled a lot doing humanitarian projects.  Nice people. 
We got a phone call from the Elders that their kitchen tap wouldn't shut off so we just went there and found the main shut-off valve.  They did have the tap rigged up with rubber bands so that it was just running slow.  We couldn't fix it so told them to turn off the main valve when they went to bed and we will get someone in to fix it tomorrow, hopefully.   Just another thing to add to our list.
I'm ready for bed.  All is well.
Love, Sister Bullock

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