Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday, May 8th, Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there.  I don't think they seem to worry about celebrating here as no one mentioned it at all. 
We had a good day and attended the Zingwangwa Branch here in Blantyre.  They were formerly meeting as a group until the District was made April 10th and they also made the two new Branches.   The meetings were good.  The newly called Relief Society President did a good job.  There were a total of 6 of us in Relief Society and after I ask how long they had each been members.  The new Relief Society President was baptized Feb. 23rd of this year, along with 3 of her sons.  That is a big calling for such a new member but she seems to be doing okay with it and bore her testimony several times during the lesson.  I was impressed with her.   Another Sister was also baptised on that day and another one was baptized in 2005 but were inactive and have now come back and her husband is in the Br. Presidency.  Another of the sisters has been a member 3 years and told me about her conversion, along with her husband and he is now 1st counsellor in the District Presidency.   There was only one sister who could not speak English and she has a son serving a mission in Durban.  
Yesterday we did some training in the Ndirande ward -- Elder Bullock did it, and I was happy to let him.  He talked about Counselling with our Councils.  They seemed to pretty much know how councils work and we were impressed with the training that the Br. President did.  Pres. Chinyumba, District President, also talked a bit and it was a good meeting.
After the meeting we ran to the store and bought toilet paper for the all the buildings as they needed it for today.  We really shouldn't have to be the ones buying this kind of stuff but Physical Facilities doesn't really operate like it should here.  It doesn't come out of our pockets - we use mission money and code it back to Physical facilites.  We also bought mops and brooms for Ndirande building as there are none there.  We took Gabriel with us and we got the mops and brooms at the outdoor market.  We had Gabriel get out and buy them as they want to charge us more because we are 'white', however because he was with white people he got bombarded by people selling mops.  He said if he had gone in alone then perhaps one person might have approached him and he was a little overwelmed with the mob of sellers.  We got our stuff and got out of there as quick as we could.  Of course there were several others at my door trying to sell me carvings, bananas etc. etc. and I just keep my window rolled up and shake my head at them.
We are roasting a chicken for our supper.  We did manage to find some nice looking lettuce (leafy) on the side of the road the other day as we came home from Lilongwe.  I saw the lady with it and we backed up and got some.   Good lettuce is very hard to find here.  She probably grew it herself.  It is iceberg lettuce but it doesn't get into nice heads like at home (maybe they just pick it too soon)!  It is a pain to clean too but worth it sometimes when we really want some.
I better go check on the chicken and see what else I can find to go with it. 
Love to all and especially the women in our lives on this Mother's Day.  We love you.
Mom & dad/Elder & Sister Bullock

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