Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Getting vehicles unstuck from san


Cheryl said...

I absolutely love the pictures that you've sent! Your African daughter and grand-daughter are beautiful! These pictures really make me want to serve in Africa!!! I'm going to show my team partners and the secretary your blog. I'll show my team partners becuase in grade three our focus for social studies is global awaremess and citizenship. The head secretary will probably remember Constable Jim, so it would be a good way to talk about the church. :D It looks like you are having another wonderful experience, and blessing the lives of those you serve!!

Cheryl said...

I just finished reading all of your past posts...So very interesting!!!! Your experiences are truly inspiring, and make me look forward to the time Jim and I can serve a mission! Not even the robberies deter me; perhaps because I had those kind of experiences as a young missionary. Hmmm...that should dter me. ;D Anyway, how very exciting to be part of the Lord's efforts to improve the lives of His children through missionary efforts! You will be in my prayers!