Monday, May 2, 2011

Good experience!

Hi,  I should have waited a little while before I sent the last letter.   When we were talking with Bro. & Sis. Collins today they told us about a young man that is mostly inactive.  He served a mission in South Africa 7 years ago but now he and his family, who are the ones who first started the church here, are pretty much inactive. 

Jim called him up and told him we'd like to meet him and he just came to the hotel to see us.  He is about 30 yrs. old - a really nice guy with really good English and sisters who have university education.  We told him that we need them back in the church.   We told him we would like to meet his family and so next time we come to Lilongwe we are going to their home for supper and to meet the whole family.  Yeah!!!   He seemed pleased to have received the phone call and said that when he told his mother about the call she said, "they remember us".    Jim offered to give him a blessing and he agreed and seemed quite touched by it.  So.... perhaps he will come back and would be a great leader that we need here so desperately, along with his family.      We will do all we can.  We feel really good about what just happened.  It's exciting!     I think the family joined the church in Blantyre and then then moved up here and he told us about how it was only their family and they had church in their home and he blessed the sacrament and his brother passed it and sometimes they had a visitor from Blantyre who could give a talk and give them a break from just hearing talks from each other.  His sister is also a returned missionary.  They must  be a really good family that needs to come back!!!! 

We are off to have some supper.  Love,  Jim & Nancy/mom & dad


Michele said...

Nancy, do you live in the hotel all the time or do you have an apartment somewhere? I can't believe how basic this all is. How big is the town where this little branch is?

Michele Geurts

Kim said...

Hi Sister Guerts, Kim here. If you scroll down further, you can see pictures of their house. They only stay in a hotel when they are travelling to the the other cities.

Michele said...

I was able to read the older posts. I went right to the beginning and saw where you live. How exciting. Do you realize that I was born in Luanshya Zambia? I guess this is sort of what it looks Iike where I was born. You are so brave. I am really a scaredy cat when it comes to traveling in places like Africa. I am not a very adventurous person. I am not sure where we will serve mission. Peter has some health issues and so who knows. I will have to show him your blog. It might make him rethink of how well he takes care of himself. My prayers will be with you both.

Laura said...

Sounds like you guys are off to a great start! Seeing the conditions in this part of the world still astonishes me. I look at that little group of church members with next to nothing in this world, yet they have the gospel. It puts things in perspective for us doesn't it?
I really hope you are sticking to tomatoes for supper instead!:D