Saturday, May 7, 2011

Letter from Sister Patterson to us on facebook

We thought this might be nice to put on the blog so we can save a copy of it here in our "journal".  

Dear Nancy, I have just finished reading all of your blog entries and viewing your photos. It has been WONDERFULl! And you are so calm and collected! It is nice that on your second go-round in Africa, you can hit the ground running more confidently than the first time. Your place reminds me of our first flat in Lusaka,in Woodlands. Did you ever see it? I'm glad you have a nice washing machine with all the laundry (baptismal clothes, etc.) you have to do. We had one of those two sided ringer tubs. When we moved from Woodlands,we had a washer that was also a dryer! I'd never heard of such a contraption! It didn't work too well, but it was better than the two-sided ringer and the dryer got some things things somewhat dry! We felt quite spoiled. The list of your responsibilities just brought all those details flooding back to my memory. . . the many bills, the electricity cards/codes, the immigration, the Physical Facilities, the stacks of hundreds of thousands of kwacha, security/safety issues, feeding and housing Elders, the Zone Conference meals, the leadership training, the un-staffed auxiliaries and the lack of English, the missionary-medical-needs, the traveling up and down the country, the desperate need for more couples. . . . just to mention a LITTLE of it, right? But it is miraculous how Lord makes you equal to it at the time. He really had to help us out a lot! The pictures of Malawi look much like Swaziland. I was happy to hear you mention Christoper Sitholo. Tell him hello for us. Isn't he in the new District leadership? He is a special soul. Give Jim our best. We are so proud of you! Love Lynette

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