Monday, January 23, 2012


Well it looks like the rain is letting up finally.  They say it used to rain like this years ago but this is the worst in 15 years or more (according to our landlord).  
We hear that there are lots of houses that have collapsed - a few church members.  They were renting the houses so they are looking for different ones but the price is up because people are a bit desperate.    These are the little houses in the villages that are mostly built of home-made bricks etc.   This much rain just washes things away and they collapse.   Jim went with Pres. Chinyumba this morning to look at a couple of the members houses and there isn't much left.  One has a place to stay and one has found a new rental. 
It quit raining this morning but then we had a pretty good downpoor again a little while ago.  Now the clouds seem higher so maybe it is finished.
We have a bit of a leak in our house along a wall --  they checked the roof and decided what the cause is and I think they fixed it.  We will see.  They don't get too excited though because everything is made of brick and stucco and the walls where the leak is are all tiled (kitchen).   It will dry out just fine.
Our landlord told us today that he would see us at church again this Sunday and wanted to know when we could come and teach them.  :)   He liked the meetings that he went to last week and liked the fact that it wasn't just a Priest standing up in front preaching a sermon.    The other lady we met at the Internet shop  wants us to come and teach her family but she  had a funeral to attend so we have to reschedule. 
I better go make supper.  Love, Sis. Bullock/mom/Nancy


Michele said...

Hadn't read your blog in a while and was glad for all the news. I was really sorry to hear about Maria. Glad she isn't suffering anymore although it is hard for Petros and Maria. Will this stop Maria from going on a mission now that she is the head of household and will need to take care of her father? How exciting for you to have Elder Cook and company out there with you. One of those really neat experiences that come from being missionaries. I'm glad that the rains have finally come and I hope that it doesn't wash the crops away. Hopefully the roots are well established. It looks like you are getting a lot of interest in the church there and that is really great and it is nice to learn that you have a mechizadek holder that has moved back. Hopefully he is strong in the gospel and can help,you out more. Glad the Prete's are doing so well where they are and that the contention is settling down there. So happy that things are working so well for you on your mission. Great job you good and faithfully servants of the Lord. :)

Jim and Nancy said...

Thanks Michele. We don't think that it will effect Maria going on a mission. Her dad would want her to go.
We are doing well here. Frustrating at times but that is all part of the experience I guess.