Thursday, January 26, 2012


Some days we would like to scream!  How can they have such idiotic, crazy systems here?
We went in to MTL (landline telephone company).  They sent us a bill (printed from a computer or whatever) and the figures on the invoice don't even add up right.  They are over charging us.   She said "well, they must have left something off".   I said but the numbers showing still have to add/subtract correctly for what is here.   She looked on her computer and couldn't figure it out either.   Then she does a printout to show we actually owe more than the invoice states because there were calls made in December (AFTER WE HAD MOVED AND THE PHONE WAS NOT EVEN CONNECTED THAT MONTH)!!     They are printing off a record of the numbers called in December when we had no service!  :)   We are to go back in an hour or two because their system is kind of slow!!!!
ALSO ---  the phone hardly ever worked anyway and so consequently we hardly ever used it (use our cell phones instead).    She looked at the printout and said that all the charges are just rental charges and there are no consumption charges --   I said that is because the phone never had a dial tone for weeks on end.    I ask why we should pay for rental charges when we didn't even have service provided.
Anyway -- she said we will have to write a letter!  I ask why we could not just talk to the person.  But, no, that is not possible.  We have to write a letter with our grievances and I'm sure it is almost a guarantee that no one will ever sort it out for us.      But we will write the letter........
To be continued........  Grrr!!

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Lynn said...

WOw. Can't even imagine! Gives a glimpse as to why people there might not even bother with phones, etc. What a frustrating system! Keep us posted. I am really curious now. Good luck.