Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rain, rain and more rain!!!

It has now been raining for 3 days and 3 nights and still coming down steady.  It is raining hard right now.   It is rainy season but.....  
At least we have a dry place to stay.  I have been thinking about all the people who live in the villages and don't necessarily have water tight homes.  They must be cold and wet and this rain just doesn't want to let up.   We see lot of people out walking in it and they are drenched.    We are blessed to have a vehicle and a nice place to stay. 
This morning we went to Zingwangwa for church but it was so muddy and there was a a huge puddle near the stairway down to the Church.  There was a narrow pathway beside the puddle that sloped towards the puddle.   I refused to go any further as I did not want to wade through the water or slip on the mud.  Honestly you just really do not know what is in the water here considering what it runs through.  I won't elaborate!     I don't think Jim was too impressed with my decision but.....      We returned to the truck and went to a different Branch. 
It is raining hard still  and we hope the crops are getting what they need.   We just stayed inside this afternoon and kept dry.  
I don't think I told you about the rain storm they had in Lilongwe when we were there with Padovich's and Elder & Sister Cook.  It really poured and the streams filled up quickly.  There is a low area in the roadway to Prete's flat.  We got there and it was so full of water we did not dare try going through.  It had stopped raining and so we just sat and waited for about 30 or 40 minutes until the water went down a bit.  A girl walked by us and said, Ït's ok to drive through there now".  We did but barely made it.   By morning it was all gone but still a bit muddy.
Pretes took Elder & Sister Cook to Kauma Village to visit a few member's very humble homes.   The rain started but they thought they were fine - not so!   They got totally drenched and then on the way out of the Village the bridge over a small stream was covered by a raging river several feet deep and very wide.  They waited for an hour or so and then finally called the Branch President and he came and took them a different route to get out.    What an adventure they had!!   Elder Cook only had the one suit with him so I guess he dried it out the best he could and sponged it off for the Sunday meetings.    Even General Authorities have a sense of adventure!
We just got word that we will drive half way to Lilongwe on Wednesday to meet Prete's, who are bringing a Sister missionary from the airport there (flying in from Lusaka, Zambia).   The flight to Blantyre are just so unreliable between the two countries since Air Malawi is not flying right now.  We are guessing that their one plane is grounded (maybe just as well).    The Sister who is coming is Sister Seiben from Raymond, Alberta.   The two sister here are excited because they were all in the MTC together.  They will be a threesome for a few weeks. 
Well - I am going to curl up with a good book and keep warm.    It is about 22 degrees C. right now.  It feels ok to us but the Malawians are very cold.
Love to all and thanks for your prayers.  We love to get emails!!!  (hint!!)
Elder/Sister Bullock etc. 

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