Saturday, January 28, 2012


The funeral for Bro. Mpinganjira was suppose to start at 2 p.m. but it took longer than expected to pick up the body and dress it etc.   It started about 4 p.m. instead.  They made the funeral service very quick with one speaker because they needed to get the body out to the village which was about 50 km. away.   We ended up driving the casket and family to the village as they have no other means on such short notice.    We got there and they put the casket into a living room and the singing started and oh yeah, the crying and wailing as well.   The Relief Society President handed me a cloth (can't remember the proper name) to wrap around my waist in case I needed to sit, she said.   The ladies all wear those here  - all the time.  We stayed for a little while and then brought the Branch President back with us.  We got home a bit after dark.   The Relief Society President and some ladies stayed there for the night.   I ask where they would sleep but she said they don't sleep.  They sing throughout the night. 
Tomorrow at 1 p.m. they will have the burial.  We may be going back -- it just all depends.     Our landlord, Lodzani, is coming to church again tomorrow, we think.  If he is there and stays the whole time we will stay with him, of course.     Also tomorrow evening he and his wife, and Pres. Chinyumba and his wife are coming to dinner here.   :)  
We also have another young man that called to say he will be at Church tomorrow too.  We met him this past week in Ncheu (2 hrs. away) when we were waiting to meet up with Elder and Sister Prete.  We talked to him and gave him a couple of pamphlets and Elder Bullock told him that he shouldn't drink beer anymore (he was a bit tipsy) and he would be more successful with his schooling.   He is from Blantyre and was there visiting his brother.   He goes to Poly-tech here.   Should be an interesting day.  
We had an appointment this afternoon to teach Miriam and her family (we met her at the Internet office).  We had to cancel due to the funeral.  she cancelled on us last week due to a funeral.  Hopefully the next appointment will work out.
We are settling in for the evening. 
Love to all,  Elder/Sister Bullock

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