Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is a dress that mom sent for us to give away.  We gave it to Maria's granddaughter and they really appreciated it.   Also a picture of Maria and her daugher Maria.  Maria, the mom has cancer but is doing a bit better right now.  She has a lot of pain.  Her husband Petros has stayed with her a lot and neglected getting his fields ready to plant.  He was gone to work there.  The Branch has organized to go help him on Saturday and we used some of the money mom sent to buy them some maize seed, ground nuts(peanuts) and a bit of fertilizer.  They are so grateful for it!  Things have been tough for them.  They get some seed from the gov't at a subsidized price but not near enough.  This year they are having to share it between two families instead of each getting their own.
The kids are posing for the camera outside Petros and Maria's home. 

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