Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hi to all our family and friends,
We started our morning with a drink I made in the blender.  It was a fresh mango, an orange and a few raspberries.  It was very good.  It is mango season so we will have to enjoy them while we can. 
Since we are 9 hours ahead I guess 2012 will be here long before yours!!   We are watching a movie with the missionaries tonight and feeding them popcorn and Fanta (that is what they call soda over here).     It comes in a glass bottle like we used to have years ago.  You can get it in a can too but it is much more expensive.
Today Christopher Sitolo went with us to help us find a tire shop - which we did and met the owner who is a really nice guy.   On our way back Christopher took us to a meat shop.  We are so glad he showed it to us and wish we had known about it much sooner.  They have their own cattle ranch here in Malawi that supplies the beef.  The place was nice and clean and smelled good.  :)    We bought a roast, some fillet steaks and some mince (hamburgar).  We came home and tried a fillet steak and it was quite good.   One of the ladies there at the shop is from Lethbridge, Alberta.    When I ask for some steak - she said, 'you probably want Alberta beef' and I said, " that would be nice".  She said "it isn't going to happen".   However it was very good by Malawi standards.    The Lethbridge lady works at the ranch.   She's been here in Malawi for 5 or 6 years.   She works with some organization and does some volunteer work.    We will definitely go back there for all our beef. 
Tomorrow we are going to Liwonde for church meetings.  We will take the Br. President and his wife with us.  A member of the Br. Presidency has been going there the first Sunday of each month.  Tomorrow he will do tithing settlement .    They are still hurting for rain out in that area.  The rains are late this year and there is some concern.  The last thing they need here this year is a drought and poor harvest.   The country is already having too many struggles right now.  No foreign exchange has businesses really worried as they cannot bring goods in,  We went to buy some ink for our printer and ended up buying extra as he doesn't know when more will come and the prices will increase significantly in January.   The stocks are low.   
A fellow at the art market told me he would like to exchange Kwacha for U.S. dollars with us.  I ask how much he would give us and he said 250MK to $1.00.   The rate just keeps going up.  Last time we exchanged we got 230 MK and then Pres. Padovich got 240 MK when he was here last.    We don't need any right now but it is nice to have options.      We bought a carved African drum (small one).  It isn't as nice as one we saw in Zimbabwe one time and have regretted that we didn't buy it.  But this is one not too bad.      We are being careful what we buy as it is always a problem getting it home.  We really haven't bought much yet -    We do know what we want to bring back to our kids and that will take up most of our available space/weight.   :)
I better go get things ready for tonight and take some pills since I already have a headache!    We will send them home by 9:30 or so because we don't want them out late.   People here are talking about the parties tonight so who knows what will  be going on at midnight.  We saw someone selling fireworks!     We will make popcorn now though just in case the electricity goes out.  If it does we will play some games instead of watch a Disney movie.
Hope you all have a good 2012 and that lots of good things are in store for everyone!  
Love,  The Bullocks

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