Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!   We hope your Christmas is wonderful and you enjoy your time with family and friends.
It is Christmas morning here and we are heading out to church in a little while.   We had the missionaries here last night and fed them tacos, cookies and carmel popcorn.  We played some games - one was a Christmas version of Bingo and they got pretty excited over that one.   We had some simple prizes.     At the end we did some small gifts and did the game where you can open a new present or steal from someone else.  That got pretty fun at the end as there were a few that everyone wanted.   A couple of these missionaries have never even opened a gift before.  They each got a toothbrush and then we bought some small packs of cookies, pens, candy bars and such.    All in all it was a fun night.
The missionaries all chipped in and today we will have dinner of chicken, rice and cooked carrots AND of course, dessert.   We are planning to watch the DVD "Joseph Smith the Prophet" and perhaps some church Christmas ones, like, Mr. Krueger's Christmas.  
We miss being with family at home but for this year all these missionaries are our family and that is just fine!    The weather is hot and we enjoyed our air conditioner in the bedroom last night.  That makes it easier to sleep.  
We are grateful for the birth of the Saviour and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  May we all remember that at this Christmas season.
Love,  Elder & Sister Bullock/mom & dad

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