Monday, December 26, 2011


Hi everyone,
We had a nice Christmas day -- went to Ndirande Branch and then came home and fixed some chicken and rice for the missionaries and we also fed the guards at the complex.  The guards were thrilled - said it was an unforgettable day (just because they got fed a nice meal!).   We fried up the chicken and then put it all in a roaster and put it in the over for a few hours.  It was nice and tender!   We borrowed a couple of tables from the church and ate outside behind our flat.  I thought that would keep some mess out of the house and easier than fitting everyone inside. 
We watched the DVD "Joseph Smith, the Prophet" (musical presentation) while some of the missionaries talked to their families on the phone.  It was fun to watch them -- they got so excited to visit with their families.    Unfortunately we did not get to visit with any of our family as the internet was down the whole day and just came back a short while ago.  We will have to hope that we have it later today and will try and skype or skype-phone. 
This morning we slept in a little bit and have been getting the house back in order.  The missionaries were good about doing dishes etc. 
It is a testimony to us that the Lord calls missionaries to the place that they are needed and to the place where they can do what He needs done.  Elder & Sister Prete have been in Lilongwe about 3 weeks now and are already making a difference in the Kauma Branch where all the problems have been.   With Prete's past experience in the Church they are able to talk and reason with the people.  They have been visiting their homes and now the members are beginning to speak to each other again and reconcile the differences.  They had their Sacrament meeting yesterday and then they had food!  There were approx. 120 in attendance (partly because food was served!).  That is amazing though.  It brought tears to our eyes as we heard the report about the day.   Good things are happening.
It is cloudy today and a bit cooler.  It feels good.   It is a holiday here today so things are pretty quiet.  We decided to just relax a bit as we didn't get much of that the past couple of days.  
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, especially the kids!!  
Love,  The Bullocks

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Happy (belated) Christmas...