Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tues. July 19th

We bought ourselves a lamington at a bakery nearby.  It was chocolate cake but otherwise looked the same -- well I put more whipped cream on mine.  It tasted good.   I'm telling on myself -- I ate sugar!! 
Tomorrow we missionaries here in Malawi are not leaving our houses.  I guess we should be listening to the news better because we just found out today that there is to be a 'peaceful' nation-wide demonstration tomorrow against the government.  We really hope it is peaceful but there are some signs that it may not be.  We went out this afternoon and stocked up on a few food items just in case there is a problem and we need to take care of missionaries for a day or two.  They will stay in their own flats tomorrow though and we will keep an eye on things.   We are told that most businesses will close.   We had planned to go to Liwonde tomorrow to teach some lessons but we will not be going.  Better safe, than sorry!!   We called our mission president about the situation and he has contacted the Area in South Africa and their people are watching things as well.
This past weekend we stayed in Blantyre and attended the Ndirande Branch.  It was kind of cool in the building (it is winter here) so we had Relief Society outside.  There was eight of us and we sat in a circle in the sunshine and stayed warm.  (on chairs)    The Young Women were also outside.   It was a good day.  We invited the four Sister missionaries over for dinner.  They wanted American food so I made a roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, and corn.    When they arrived I had them make the dessert so I could teach them a good, easy recipe.  It was mom's fruit cocktail pudding cake.    They were thrilled to get fed and they liked the food.  We took a plate of the left-overs out to our gate guard and he loved that!!
The fellow I wrote about a little while ago that came here from 2 hrs. south, came again and called and said they were at the church.  We went over and met them and talked for a few minutes.  We again encouraged them to teach English to the people so that they can read and understand the church materials.  If the fuel situation improves we may try and go visit them sometime.
Speaking of fuel -- it is still a problem.  We were fortunate enough to fill up the trucks last weekend.  We have seen long lines of vehicles waiting this week and it appears that it is petrol not diesel that has been coming in.  We are just trying to be wise and conserve as best we can.  We still have our 7 jerry cans full and will not use them unless we really have to because the gov't has made a rule that no one can fill jerry cans anymore.  We thought we would syphon gas out of the truck into the two empty jerry cans that we have but there is a screen or something blocking the way.  Too bad.
Keep us in your prayers.  God is watching over us.  We feel it every day.  We love our new mission president and his wife and so do the missionaries.  They will be great to work with.
Love,  Elder/Sister Bullock

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Grandpa Harper said...

Just a line to say "Hi". We think of the two of you often. You are doing a great work We pray for you all the time.In my High council we are constantly challenging couples to go serve.God bless your efforts
The harpers