Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Demonstration in Malawi

We have spent the day inside and it has been kind of nice actually.  The neighborhood is calm and nothing out of the ordinary.  However, a source that we have, was downtown and texted us a few times.  He said that there were thousands of people down there and there was singing and dancing and then it turned worse and there was some shop breaking and tear gas.    He is not down there anymore so we don't know exactly what is happening but we have heard 2 or 3 rifle shots.    None of the missionaries will go out tomorrow until we know that it is safe and that the demonstrations are over.   It is a nation wide demonstration against the current government and the lack of fuel in the country.  It was suppose to be peaceful but seems like it is not.  We have been watching for any news but haven't heard anything.  Maybe there will be something later.  We do have satellite TV and get CNN and some other news channels.  That should help us keep tabs on what is happening.  I guess we should have been listening better beforehand though, as we just learned yesterday that there was to be a demonstration and that was from a business that we were at.   We are the only couple here in Malawi and we need to be more aware of what is going on.  We will do better.  :)
We are all fine and there is no need to be worrying at this point.  Hopefully it dies down quickly.  Malawians are generally a gentle people. 
Love to all,  Elder & Sister Bullock

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