Thursday, July 21, 2011


We are still home today due to the demonstratons/looting/fighting etc.    Last night there was some rioting in Ndirande and today in Chilomoni and we heard gunshots but apparently that is suppose to be the police firing tear gas.  However, there is reports of some people getting shot.   We and the missionaries are all safe and fine and just staying in our houses.    All the shops and banks, etc. are closed.  I am guessing that we will be in again tomorrow and with any luck this will die down over the weekend.    I think it is mostly the roudies out there now making trouble now just because they think they can.    We get updates from members who are out and about in the areas.  The District President was downtown this morning and said he quickly left when things started happening again.  He does business down there.
We are using the time to check through old emails, read our scriptures and relaxing a bit.   We are pricing out a generator for this place as we seem to get more power cuts and don't feel safe being in total darkness around the property.  President Dube told us to check into that and we are finally doing it.  I'm sure Pres. Padovich would agree with him.  I guess the problem will be whether we can buy diesel to run a generator.  We did go talk to someone and they said that if we can prove we have one we can get a letter giving us permission to fill a jerry can for it.  I don't think anyone is even selling any fuel during this unrest.  We hear that the fuel staions are being guarded well.
We will carry on!! 
The Bullocks

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