Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13/11

Hi,  It has been a while since I have written.  We have been really busy.  President and Sister Padovich have arrived and we have spent the last week with them traveling Malawi and visiting the branches and the missionaries.  We have really enjoyed our time with them and are looking forward to serving with them.     After seeing the circumstances here in Malawi they tell us that the next couple that get called to the mission will come to Malawi to help us here with the work.  There is such a need.  We need a couple in Lilongwe so much.

We have also had the Public Affairs couple here from South Africa that are over the SE area and they have been sharing information with us and the District leaders and Branch presidents.  The Brother from SA who is over Immigration was also here and has decided that we are doing the job just fine. 

A couple from Midnapore in Calgary (The Shields) have been called to our mission and will serve as CES in Zambia.  The Area President has assured President Padovich that they will make our mission a priority for new couples.  Hurray!! 

Some good news that we can finally tell is that Elder Russell M. Nelson will be coming here on October 26th and will dedicate Malawi for missionary work as that has never been done.  We are excited about that.  It will be great to be part of that.

A letter was just sent here from a Pastor in Mozambique (from a city about 1 1/2 hrs. away from here) requesting that the church please send someone to teach them.  He says he has a congregation of 750 and they have all read the Book of Mormon and some other literature and they want to learn more.   The letter was forwarded to the Area Presidency and will likely go to the mission in Mozambique.   Imagine!!

The weather has cooled off the past few days and I have been wearing my jacket.  I guess winter is here for a few weeks - till about mid August. 

We have had to deal with a few situations this past week and hope all is well.  Time will tell.  We are hoping to get back to Liwonde very soon and continue to teach our families there.  We have two families that are wanting to be baptized but we need to finish the lessons first.  They are amazing and to see the light and joy in their eyes is wonderful.  As we visit their homes the people next door approached us and want us to talk to them too.  We gave them some literature to read. 

I don't remember if I told you about the wife of Bob Kwali.  She is deaf but Jim managed to teach her part of the 1st discussion by hand writing a lot.  She can talk.  We saw Bob a couple of days ago and he is so excited because he says after we left that day she is reading everything and excited to learn more.  He says they are finally 'together' with this.  He was so happy.  We hope to be able to baptize them together.  He is ready.

We are tired and ready for bed.  It's been a busy day --- AND we did get full tanks of diesel in the trucks today.   We are being looked after!

Love,  Mom/Nancy/Sister Bullock

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