Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well we didn't go to Liwonde today to drop off chairs and then take E/S Bean to the pottery shop.  We had to decide which was our priority -- going to Liwonde today or going to Lilongwe on the weekend and taking the allotment to the missionaries.  Of course, the missionaries HAVE to have their allotments if they are going to eat.  We can still drop off the chairs to Liwonde on our way to Lilongwe.   The reason for the decision is that there is no petrol or diesel to be had - well not much.  We do have 40 ltrs. in jerry cans and will top off our tank with that to get to Lilongwe and back on the weekend.  
If a tanker does comes into town with fuel there is a LONG line-up behind it to buy gas at the filling station and by the time everyone is done the fuel is gone.   It isn't looking good and hopefully this won't last very long. 
We did find out today when we were at DHL paying our bill that they are getting fuel from a place that sells 'bio-diesel.  We went there to check it out and it looks really good but they can't sell to us unless we are approved.  We will send in an email and see what happens but it won't happen quickly.  This bio-diesel is made from soya (I think he said).  It is much cleaner and gets better gas mileage than regular diesel that we get here.  You can mix it with regular diesel if you need to ......    Anyway - it sounds interesting and we may apply just in case this shortage becomes a huge problem.
Tomorrow public affairs is having a media day.  They have invited some media and will give some presentations (including Elder Bullock giving one on 'the standard works').  Afterwards they will serve them lunch.   It should be interesting.
We ran a few errands today - only necessary ones since we don't want to any more diesel than necessary. 
Anyway - that is our day!!!! 
Love,  Sister Bullock

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