Thursday, June 2, 2011

Michele Guertz

Michele, I can't figure out how to email you on here, so thought this would be the best way to get your attention (sorry everyone else!).  Can you send me your email address please?

Thanks, Nancy

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Michele said...

Hi Sister Bullock, my email address is and my last name is Geurts. It is interesting to see the many ways people can spell our name. I so love to read your blog and will really enjoy it more when Zambia is in your mission. It might be so now but I was reading now there will be new mission changes in July. I don't know if I mentioned that I was born in Luanshya, Zambia so I am watching that area with great interest. Was at my mom's home yesterday and was telling her about you and the wonderful adventures you have and she found it so interesting as well. Thanks for the pics. I have them downloaded in my pictures file and showed them to my Mom. We had a chuckle when I showed her the Zambezi river and teased her how she let us swim in there when we were little kids. Thanks for your blog.