Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interesting morning

Things never seem to go as we plan but sometimes that is ok.  We had a good experience this morning.    After we went to Immigration we went to the church to exchange vehicles with the elders and there were two men there at the church.  They are brothers -- one lives in Blantyre and the other lives in a village about a 2 hours drive south of Blantyre.   The one who lives far away has somehow gotten a 'Restoration' pamphlet and says they have been reading and discussing it at the village and they came to find the church and want to learn more.

Problem #1 - distance.  Problem #2 - few of them know English  Problem #3 - no members around there.

We gave them the basic pamphlets and a Book of Mormon and we gave them a couple of Liahona magazines.  We also taught them the first discussion.  The Brother from Blantyre knows English really well and he translated for his brother from the village.  They were rather impressive men (about 35 yrs. old I think).   It kind of reminds me of Pastor Mhike and Seka from Zimbabwe.

The one that lives here in Blantyre can be taught here by the Elders along with his family, hopefully.  He has a wife and 4 children and the other has a wife and 5 children.    I ask why the one knew such good English and he said it was because he went to school and told me that his older brother (the one from the village) had paid his way to go to school. 

According to them there are about 75 in the Village that are hoping we could come there and teach.  It is one of those situations where there are no members there or priesthood holders to start a group so far away.  The only reason we have the group in Liwonde is because a Branch President from Blantyre moved back to his village there and has good experience in the gospel. 

It just makes my heart ache for them because they have found the truth and want more and we have to be so careful because they are so far from the centre of strength of the church there.   They are intelligent and would make good leaders.  We suggested the first thing they need to do there is to have the ones who know English (apparently there are 2 or 3 school teachers among the group) teach English to the others because all the church literature is in English.  If they could do that it would sure help when the church is able to go there.   We are already struggling so much with the lack of English language up in Lilongwe, especially with the women and children.

Anyway -- We will discuss it with the new mission president and if he allows us,  we would perhaps go visit these people and check it out.  The brother from Blantyre could take us there. 

Anyway -- back to work.  I have a lot of office work to do this week.   Our trip to Immigration went well and things seem to be ok with what we are doing, for the most part.   We may try to do up a letter and summarize what we have discussed recently and ask if he will sign it (he probably won't  want to commit himself) -  then our people in Johannesburg would be happy to have something in writing.  :)

We also need to go out and buy some blankets for the missionaries this afternoon as they say they are cold.  When they had the break-in here in March the thieves stole about 10 nice blankets and they are expensive here.   We also have to get beds etc. moved into the Sister's flat so that we will be ready for 2 more sisters who are arriving tomorrow. 

Still no diesel last night or today so we have to watch for that opportunity too! 

Love,  Nancy/Sister Bullock/mom

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Cheryl said...

I hope that things work out, sooner than later, for that group to be able to be taught so they can receive the fullness of the gospel. How different missionary work is there than here! Stay healthy, and may the Lord bless you with everything you need...including petrol. :D