Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our security system worked!!


We are in Lilongwe for the weekend and about 10:30 last night we got a phone call on our cell from Davie, our gardener.  He was in a panic and said that the thieves were back again trying to get through the wall that surrounds the house.  We told him to push the remote panic button that we had given him and he said he already had.  I think he was in a panic partly because it is a silent alarm and he hadn`t heard anything.  While we were on the phone with him the Security Company arrived and took care of things.   Davie was really scared because he and his wife were really hurt the last time this happened - before we arrived in Malawi. 

The thieves did not get through the wall this time.  Thank goodness!  It took the security about 6 minutes to arrive, which is about what they had promised us.  We are happy with their response.  They also brought in a dog and a dog handler to stay there the rest of the night and will have one there again tonight.  He also said that the gate guard who also had hit his panic button should have then gone and hit another alarm that would have set off the siren on top of the house.  That would likely have scared the thieves off right away.  We didn`t know about that alarm ourselves so we will have them come and show us when we get back.  We do have several alarm buttons in the house as well and if they had tried to enter the house it would have set off the sirens, as well as automatically sending the alarm to the security co.    Anyway - as much as we hate that this happens here we are so relieved that we were protected by our new alarm system!!!! 

We were going to go home today but since there will be the dog and handler there tonight we will stay here and finish our business tomorrow and then head home.  We will have to get the bricks fixed where they tried to come through the fence. 

We had a good day - spending some time at each branch here.  Apparently at the branch where we did not attend sacrament meeting - there were about 30 Americans that showed up.  They are here with Nu-skin who have some big projects here in Malawi to teach agriculture and also they make a porridge type food here and feed thousands of hungry children.  The fellow we talked to is from Springville, UT.  He said that Donald Trump`s x-wife is here with them and she also went to church with them.  We missed all that!!   They were mostly gone by the time we got to that branch and that`s okay.

Well - that is our excitement for the time being -- excitement we could do without but all turned out good.   Keep us in your prayers - as you see we do need them constantly. 

On a good note - remember Mike that we told you about from Lilongwe.  He is an inactive returned missionary and Jim called him the last time we were here and he came to the hotel and talked to us.   We asked him to please come back because we need him in the church, as well as his family.  Well - he has come a couple of times and his returned missionary sister, his young brother, and  his mother have been there every week since.  Lucy, the sister, taught the Sunday school class today and did an excellent job.   We are so happy to have them back!!!  See what a simple phone call or visit can do sometimes.  They are a good family.  Things like that make this all worth while!

Love, Elder & Sister Bullock


Michele said...

That's scary. I'm glad that the security system worked though. Poor Davie. I love our security system but it is never put to use as yours is. I pray for you all the time.

Cheryl said...

A security system sounds like a definite necessity! It's also helpful being married to a retired policeman... I always felt safe with my dad around!
Do you rmember the name of the NuSkin representative? Was it Blake Roney? Steve? Blake is the president of the company and a friend from BYU. Once, while at BYU he gave me a cheque for a million dollars...too bad he wasn't good for it in those days. ;D
Have a great week and walk with the angels. This is what we always said to each other in parting during my mission.

Lynn said...

Oh my. So scary! I agree with Michele...Poor Davie. I don't know what I would have done if it had been me there.

So happy to know that your system is working!

Darwin said...

We should all be making those simple phone calls and/or visits. It can help to change lives.