Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our weekend

Saturday we went to Liwonde with Elder Wadsworth and Elder Nyelele to teach our families again.  We started with our family of 8 out in the rurals.  The three boys were at Bro. Chisambo's for Institute class again and they took us to their place.  Elder Bullock almost remembered his way - only took one wrong turn.  I had the ages of the kids a bit off --  they have boys that are 18, 16, 14, 12 and 6 and a daughter who is 9 or 10.   This time the go-go (grandma) and an older aunt joined us and shortly after we started an older man who is one of the high-ups with the CCAP (Church of Central Africa Presbyterian) came.  I think he was wondering what we were teaching - he didn't say much and actually dozed off for a while.   The lesson was The Plan of Salvation.     Shortly after the CCAP man came a few more came.  I think we had 15 or 16 total and the small room was full.   Bro. Chisambo translated for us as some of the older ladies don't know English well.     The discussion went well and there was a great feeling there.  The ladies made some good comments so we know they are understanding.   The young missionaries taught and I am always impressed with how they can simplify the lessons so that they can be understood well. 
The Church is true.  It was an amazing experience to be sitting in that small living room with all those people so eager to learn more about Jesus Christ.  As I sat there I thought how at one time I would never have expected that we would be doing this.  It really is a great opportunity to be around these people here.   Outside the room where the gospel was being taught were 10 or 12 village cihldren who kept looking in the windows and doors at us - curious to see white people in their village.  We gave them all a candy when we left and that makes them very happy.  Jim teased them a bit too and they like that. 
We then went to the Namibande family (Maria's family).  Maria's oldest brother was there (he's a school teacher in a village about 15miles away).  Elder Bullock taught him the 1st discussion and he says he will come back hone next weekend too when we come.  Nice guy and he understands well. 
Today we attended Sacrament meeting at two Branches again.  Andrea Bring, one of the guards here at our place attended again today.  The missionaries went to his home this week and taught him and his wife.  He's been reading the Liahonas that I gave him and the Book of Mormon. 
Tuesday is Zone conference and then a couple days after that is a big mission transfer.  All but one of our Elders in Blantyre are being transferred so it will be a big change.  The 3 Sister missionaries are staying the same and we should be getting a fourth one at some point soon.   It will be a busy week.

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Michele said...

Good job guys, the gospel is definitely true and the spirit whispers to all you teach. I love reading your blogs.