Sunday, February 5, 2012

A good Sunday!

Hi,   We attended meetings in Liwonde today.  They meet in a classroom at a school and are filling up the room more and more.  Today there were 63.   Most of the people are coming from Sitima Village, where the Church first began in Malawi, but the Branch was closed there a few years ago.    Lots of the meeting is done in Chichewa because so many of them do not know English.  They are calling a man to teach English out at Sitima Village but it takes time.   At the rate things are going they will be a Branch again.    We have several men who are ready to be advanced in the Priesthood.  One of the problems is trying to find their records and make sure all is in order.   We really enjoy going out to this Group and working with them.  They are so grateful for anything we do.
We will go out this coming Saturday and teach some new member lessons to the families that got baptized in August (yeah - I know we are bit late on doing that).  We will also teach Andrew and his family who have been coming each week for quite some time.  We will stay overnight in Liwonde so we can spend the whole day and not have to worry about getting home before dark. 
Today we gave out some more white shirts to the men there.  There is no way they can afford that themselves and we want them to look like Priesthood holders and feel good about themselves.  Thanks to a young man, Jordan, and donations from our Stake at home we received lots of white shirts and ties.  I am sending a picture of a group of the men there who are looking pretty 'smart' in their new shirts. 
After we got home today Elder Bullock was teaching Andrea, the gate guard here at our compound.  He ask this morning when we left if he could be taught some more today.   We had a lesson with our landlord on Friday too and that went well.  
On another note - we were excited to find some sour cream at the grocery store yesterday.  It is the first time we have seen it here and it is really good.   We had Christoher Sitolo buy us some lettuce at the market since I can't find any decent lettuce at the store.  I ask him to get us some green beans too but he thought I meant the other kind of beans.  He felt bad so has offered to cook them up for us.  We will see how that goes -- we may have to share them with Davie and the guards.  :)   Christopher is a really good cook.
The rains have been coming and the maize is looking better.  Everyone is hopeful.   We had some REALLY GOOD thunderstorms the past couple of days.  We were in the truck when one lightening struck very closeby and we could feel the thunder crash.  We had a couple of people with us and our first thoughts was that someone had hit us but then realized it was the cracking of the thunder. 
All is well.  We carry on trying to do the Lord's work as best we can.  We love what we are doing although some days are difficult.  We love the people here.  I wish I could speak Chichewa.  Maybe that is something we need to work on for a while each day.  My bad memory doesn't help though. 
Love,  The Bullocks

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