Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, Feb 10th

This week we made some visits to some inactives with one of the Branch Presidents.  It started to rain  about the time we started and quit as soon as we were done.      We visited one good man who had his feeling hurt when he was accused of stealing something when he was helping someone move.  He didn't do it but felt like everyone was thinking badly of him.  This happened before our time but we had heard about it and know who the culprit was.    We had a good talk with him.  At first he didn't want to talk about why he wasn't coming but did open up and we were able to discuss it.  Elder Bullock apologized to him for the Church and we really hope he will come back.  He said he will.    He ask me if I could play the keyboard and I told him I could.  I guess he has some natural musical abilities and was learning to play and would like to continue doing that.   He was smiling when we left him.
I missed the next two visits because the rain was pouring down and I opted to stay in the truck as they had to walk a bit to get to the houses and the water was running and it was muddy.    The last visit was with another good man who had his feelings hurt because people had told him he HAD to wear a white shirt and he said that here in Malawi not everyone can afford a white shirt.    We explained that we do try to look our best but that no where in the handbook does it say you have to wear a white shirt and tie to participate in this Church.   We did also tell him that we do have some white shirts and ties that were sent to us and if he would like one we would be happy to give him one, but that it is definitely not a requirement.    He said he still believes the Church is true but has to talk with his family about whether or not to return.  He has excellent English.
Today we got the mosquito nets hung up in a couple of the flats.   The ceiling in one flat is high and is made of cement so Jim had to drill and put in a plug to screw the hook in.    All inside walls here are brick covered with cement (stucco) so hanging pictures is not quite as easy as at home.   In fact, we haven't hung any yet in our new place but we really should.   They have special hooks that have 4 little cement nails to hammer into the wall.   Later they just fill them with cement and paint. 
One of our guards here at our place asks about the Church.  Jim has talked to him a couple of times and gave him a Book of Mormon.  They get quite bored at nights.  I gave him a couple of Liahonas to read - one is the Nov. conference edition.  Tonight when we got home he commented about the pictures of the General Authorities and told Jim that he couldn't find his picture in there.  We laughed about that.  I guess because Jim wears the badge that says President Bullock (since he's a counsellor in the mission presidency) people think he's important (not that he isn't ).   He often gets called Mr. President.   
Tomorrow we head to Liwonde to teach some lessons.  We have decided to take the Zone Leaders with us and they can help teach.  We were going to do it ourselves, spend the whole day and stay overnight but since they are going we will come back.   I want to also take the Young Women's Personal Progress and explain it to Maria and get her started on doing that.    We want to teach her family about the temple, especially since they just lost the mom.  We haven't taught them much about that yet.   It will be a full day if we get everything done that we hope to.
It felt hot and humid today.  It was about 30 degrees I think.   Jim is outside right now with his binoculars looking at the stars .   The guards like to look too.  Very few have seen binoculars and are always amazed.   
I'm off to relax for a bit before bedtime --- well maybe not ---- the Elders are coming over so we can make a plan for tomorrow. 
Love to all,  E/S Bullock

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