Saturday, September 8, 2012

John Mbalae & family

We are teaching this family along with the Sister missionaries. We met John when he was working with Swoop Security.  They monitor our alarm system in our house.  This is a great family and they are fun to teach as they ask a lot of questions and love to discuss.  It is great to see their faces as they understand a principle.  Last night they committed to a baptism date at the end of October (not the girls yet though, as they have not been in on the discussions yet).    John lets them choose but he is sharing with them what we teach and he is praying that they will want to listen.  He is a really great father to them.  I think with time they will all be together.   Unfortunately we will not be here when they are baptized.   They will be a great asset to the Branch though - great leadership capabilities.  We have really grown to love this family.

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