Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gabriel & Chisomo Chinomwe

This is Gabriel and his wife, Chisomo.  Gabriel is the one who we contract our guards/gardener through for the Church and Mission.  He is a counsellor in the Blantyre 1st Branch Presidency.  We took him and Chisomo with us to the Liwonde Group and took this picture by the Shire river. 
 A couple of weeks ago Gabriel taught me how to make Samoosas (he is very expert at making them)  and this past week I taught him how to make pie. (apple and lemon merangue)   Pie here is small and mostly crust with a little fruit and the crust is not flakey.    Gabriel was pleased with the pies we made.  They weren't my best pies ever but they did turn out pretty good.
We got our truck (the one that was in the accident) back yesterday and it looks as good as new.  Tomorrow we will drive it up to Lilongwe as that is where it will be used.  We will each drive one and then come back on Tuesday.  On Monday we plan to do a day trip to Lake Malawi since we have never been there and we are told it is a 'must-see' before we leave.  Our days our numbered so we are squeezing it into our schedule.  Too bad we aren't into scuba diving so we can see the 1000 species of fish and apparently there are 700 species that are only found in Lake Malawi and nowhere else. 
This week we have wheel chair specialists, The Dows, coming from California and will be staying with us for 3 days.  We will do whatever they need us to do to help them develop their wheelchair project here - drive them around, etc.
It is getting hot here now.  It is nice to see the Jacaranda trees blossoming.  That is a nice send-off for us.  They are really beautiful but we think they were more of them in Zimbabwe and that they were fuller.  Still nice to see here though before we must leave.

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