Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9th

Well we are not happy missionaries!   We have to move from this lovely flat that we live in.    The Brazilians that are coming to build a railway in Malawi want all 6 flats or none at all and the owners really need to fill up the other flats in here.  In our lease it allows them to give us a 1 month notice to vacate.  Our landlord, Lodzani, that we really like, is feeling terrible about having to do this but is getting pressure from the 'board' members.   Lodzani is even trying to find us a nice place to move to.
I think we have pretty much decided that we will move the Zone Leaders out of the house they are in and we will move into it.  It is older but it is okay.  The kitchen isn't great but it will do.   We actually rent 3 places from the landlord of the ZLs house and he is really good so maybe we can convince him to renovate the kitchen a bit since couples will now be staying there.  It is a fairly new rental for us.  It is in a safe neighborhood.  It has a nice yard and it has 2 single garages which we are already using for storing mission materials, etc.    Anyway .....  we are sad to have to move and hate the thought of having to pack everything and move again.  We thought the couples would be staying here in this flat for a long time to come.  :(
The Taggarts just went home this week and so Jim has been changed from the 2nd counsellor in the mission presidency to the 1st counsellor.  Elder Prete is the 2nd counsellor now. 
We have a couple of missionaries we'd like to strangle right now that are making a bit of a headache but ......... we aren't allowed!!       Really, we have some good missionaries and they work hard.  We enjoy them.
We will carry on........

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