Friday, May 11, 2012

Our First MRA experience

MRA stand for Malawi Revenue Authority.   We have to go their by the 14th of each month now to pay Withholding tax on the flats we rent for the missionaries.   We first met with a man who helped us out with one that we weren't sure about.  We have one landlord who is not happy that we are paying the withholding tax as it seems like he is trying to avoid paying it.  This fellow phoned him and explained it to him for us.  I'm sure he wasn't happy to get a call from an MRA person but he didn't want to listen when Jim called him.    
Jim and I were sitting for a minute to fill out a couple of  forms and a fellow that was sitting right there at a desk ask if he could help us.  We were happy for the help.   He explained how to do everything in detail as he filled out the forms for us.   His name was Alfred and when he was finished he ask where our Church was and of course, we invited him to come.
We then headed to the payment queue and it was rather long.  After about an hour and 15 minutes, Alfred showed up and asked, "Are you still waiting to pay?"   He took our stuff and went straight up to the window and paid it for us, probably saving us at least another hour in the queue.   We met him outside and gave him 500 kwacha ($2.00)  for helping us.   He then ask if we were driving and said he was needing a ride back to work.  I told him that I thought he was working at MRA.  Apparently he was just sitting at the desk where we found him filling out his own stuff.    We appreciated his help and were glad to give him a ride as it was on our route anyway.    He gave us his phone number and offered to help us next time if we wanted him to.   Nice young man!!   Next month we will go earlier in the month and first thing in the morning to avoid the queue!    Live and learn! 

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