Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Sept 1st

All is well here in Malawi.  We had a busy week with President and Sister Padovich and got lots done, even if it wasn't what we had planned to get done.  Things just seem to come up!  
On our way home from Lilongwe we stopped at a spot where people were selling vegetables, etc.  We saw some nice eggplant and decided to buy a couple.  Jim thought she said they were 50 kwacha each and so decided to buy 4 with a 200 kwacha bill.  This is all going on while there are umpteen people trying to push their way to my truck window with other things.  I held up the 200 kwacha bill so she would know to give me 4 but she just kept putting them in my lap and took my money.  I ended up with 13 eggplants (cost: $1.33 US).  Seems like a pretty good deal to me but what will I do with 13 of them.  I gave 2 to Davie, our gardener.
While we were gone we had another attempted break-in at our house here but the guards and alarm system saved us again!  It is a bit of a concern for us.  The Area Presidency told the mission president to do whatever is necessary to make sure we are safe so we now have a dog and dog handler as well as two of our guards at night.  We will do that until we move Nov. 1st to our new place which is much more secure.   President Padovich also said we should have them remove the security system here (since we own it) and install it at the new place.  
I spent most of the day getting my financial ledgers up to date and sent in.  It all balanced!! :)
Saturday Elder & Sister Howell, serving in Jo'berg, arrive here and will do audits and audit training in the branches and District.  They will do the ones in Blantyre Saturday afternoon and Sunday and then we will take them to Lilongwe on Monday to do the ones up there.  They will fly home from Lilongwe on Thursday.  While in Lilongwe we will work on the flat for the missionaries and try to get it finished and furnished so they can move in.  We have 10 additional missionaries coming here about Sept. 20th and need to be ready for them.  We also need to find an additional flat in Lilongwe while we are there and get it set up before they come.   Six of the new missionaries will go there and we will have a Zone.   Now we just need a couple  called to Lilongwe.  The mission did get notification that an office couple have been called for the mission office in Zambia and will arrive about Nov. 1st.  That is really great news!
It's time to go relax and head to bed soon.  Love to all.

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