Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, Sept. 26th

Bad news!!  We found out that we don't have a couple coming to Malawi in December afterall.  :(   The couple from Moab was going to Zambia as Public Affairs but it sounds like they have some medical issues and may not be coming at all right now.   So.........  We still need someone to come and help us!!!!   Any takers???
Jim is over sitting in a diesel queue but he is second in line so as soon as the fuel is offloaded he will get some.  We have 3/4 tank but will need diesel for going to Lilongwe with Padovich's on Saturday.
Yesterday we went to Liwonde for church.  Maria was not there as she is in a lot of pain with her cancer.  We went to visit her. Her husband, Petros, was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and made a Priest.   They did it at the house so that Maria could be there.  The daughter, Maria, is really having a hard time coping with her mom's situation.  We talked out on the step and I held her in my arms while she cried (well, while we cried).  A week or two ago her mother was given a blood transfusion (drip of blood) and she perked up for a few days.  I explained to Maria that it is only prolonging the inevitable.  She said her mother says she wants to die but of course Maria doesn't want her to.  Anyway - lots of tears!  It was hard.  Maria is such a sweet girl.   She is the kind I would love to take home with me but...
The missionaries are here using grill for their braii. (bbq).  They bought a live goat this morning (cheap) and watched as it was butchered.  Now they are cooking it outside.  I wonder what the new Elders are thinking about that!!  :)    I better go take a picture.
Have you seen the October Ensign/Liahona???  It is REALLY good!!   I want to see if we can order some extras because really every member should have that one. 
I got my financial ledgers caught up today and last night I was up doing up the Immigration applications (TRPs) for the 11 Elders we got last week.  We took them in today.  I had one TEP application but found out that they now require 2 additional documents so had to bring that one home and will get the extra paperwork.   We have a couple of days to catch up hopefully before Padovich's arrive. 
Better go check on the braii and see how the goat is looking. 
Love,  Sister Bullock/Nancy/mom

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