Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wed. Aug 17th

We started out this morning by having all missionaries stay in their flat due to possible demonstrations again, however, they did not happen BUT a date has been set to have them on Sept. 17th.   By noon we let all missionaries out to do their work as everything seemed normal.  Nice!!   We are glad it didn't happen again.
We now have 2 floodlights installed that shine down into our back yard so that should help the guards keep better watch for thieves.  The misson President has suggested we should look for a different safer place to live BUT we read the lease today and we may be tied to this place for 2 years (Oct. 2012) unless there is some way out of the lease.   We did drive by a possible new place a couple of days ago and went back today to check it out.  There are 6 side-by-side homes being built in a complex surrounded by high walls that will have electric wires around the tops and will come with security guards.  It seems like it would be VERY safe compared to where we are now AND it would be quite a bit cheaper AND it is nice AND not as big as this one.   He said they should be all finished in about 6 weeks but this being Africa I would give them an additional month or so.     Now - how to get out of this lease??!!
Yesterday when we came home our guard had on a funny looking hat and we commented on it.  He told us that he had gone for a haircut but the electricity had gone off part way through so he needed a hat.  I ask if i could see his hair and he showed us -- it was about 1/3 shaved.  We all laughed (him too).  Last night he got the rest of the job done!   :)   
Love,  Elder/Sister Bullock 

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