Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday at Liwonde

Liwonde Group of members
Bob Kwale - Liwonde
We took Pres. Matale, from the district Presidency, with us to Liwonde today.  They were so happy to have visitors again.  We were there last week with the Branch President.  We had a good day with them.  They had 47 in attendance - it is down a bit due to school vacation.   Our investigators were there and afterwards we taught them the last lesson and went over the baptismal interview questions and answered any questions.  They are all doing really well and are excited to get baptized.  All four will be baptized on the 27th. 

Pres. Matale had a good visit with Raymond Chisambo, our group leader there when he was in Liwonde a few days ago.  He gave him some ideas about how to start a small business selling rice, as his wife is doing that.  He also talked to them about their situation - they are the ones who didn't even have a tsp. of salt when we were there on Wednesday and we bought them a few things.  Pres. Matale felt like the church should help them out so yesterday we went out with Christopher Sitolo (because he can get better prices than us since he is black) to the markets and bought some basic foods - maize, dry beans, rice, salt, sugar, oil, a bit of hand soap and a big bundle of charcoal (that is what they cook with here).   We took it to them after meetings today and both Bro.  & Sister Chisambo broke down in tears and were sooooo grateful. 

As we arrived back to Blantyre we saw a fuel station pumping and they had diesel.  We were able to fill up our truck (we were down to 1/4 tank).  We only had to wait behind two vehicles.  We continue to see that the Lord blesses us with the fuel we need to do His work.  We know it is Sunday and we wouldn't usually buy on Sundays but under the circumstances we have been told to buy fuel regardless if we find it.  We had to use one of our jerry cans of diesel to get to Liwonde and back.

On Wednesday when we were driving back from Liwonde/Lilongwe we saw a 'dust-devil' blowing and it blew the grass roof right off one hut - not all in one piece but lots of grass flying in the air (like a mini tornado).  Because of their beliefs here in witchcraft etc. etc. we were told that the owners will think that someone was angry with them and caused that to happen, especially since theirs was the only house effected. 

Our gardener Davie went with 4 of his relatives to go visit his 'wife' and her relatives at their village today.  They wanted a meeting.  Davie and his relatives were going to tell them that he does not want her to come back and that the marriage is over.  His relatives are very angry about what she was doing to him.  He said that after that is done she will come and collect her things.  We suggested that we could give him some boxes and that he should box up her things and give them to her at the gate rather than let her back into the house.  He is afraid she will try and take his things too.   We told him to let us know when she is coming and we will be sure to be home.    We haven't seen him since we got home so  I'm sure we will hear about it all tomorrow.    This is a second marriage/relationship for her and according to Davie some women do this to try and take the man for all they can get.  They make a business of doing this and he seems to think that is what she is doing.  They have been together about 1 1/2 yrs and have no children - just her little girl, Hannah, from the first man. 

That's our excitement for the day!!  Tomorrow we will take the Sisters to the grocery store and the Elders will go together and buy food for the next week or two.  They are to get some extra staple items just in case the demonstrations planned for Wednesday last longer than expected.  Apparently the Malawi President is saying he want to talk and try and reason but.....    The army is also demonstrating against him that day too so who knows what will happen.  We hear different stories so we will just all stay in at least for Wednesday until we know what is happening.

We had a good day today and love the people we are serving.  The gospel is true and we are happy to be here doing our part.

Love,  The Bullocks


Cheryl said...

Thanks for all the pictures! Sounds like you are having a lot of success there, and being blessed! Life is very difficult in Africa! Have you heard much about the famine in Somalia?

Thanks for keeping us appraised of all your happenings!

Michele said...

Oh, I feel so for that family that is so in need. I hope that because of their faithfulness they will be blessed, even if it is by the angels in human form- you guys. It really humbles me to hear of their plight. God bless you for what you do.