Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick note from Malawi

Hi,  We are SOOOO busy trying to learn all we can from Stevens before they leave us on Monday morning.  Also they are having a conference this weekend and are making two new branches and creating a District.  Pres. Dube will be here Friday and will start interviewing to fill positions etc.   There will be training on Sat. afternoon and we have both been ask to do part of that -- Jim on using the handbook and me on Primary.  Yikes!  I don't know when I am going to have time to prepare with everything else.  I don't even know the primary theme for the year.
It is hot (but not too hot) and humid here.  We won't complain at all - we just get a bit sweaty at times.  The people we have met so far are great.  We will do a lot of office work and applying for visas and TEP's (allows missionaries to be in the country).   It all seems rather overwelming at the moment.  Stevens said they were busy with 3 branches and as of this weekend we will now have 7 branches and 1 group.  We spent time on Monday, while in Lilongwe, buying curtains,  office furniture etc. etc. and a large inflatable swimming pool (baptismal font)  to put into the new building that was rented for a new branch.  The branch president was pretty pleased to have a desk and filing cabinet.  
I honestly can't begin to tell you how busy we are and how much there is for us to do.  I hope we can keep up - at least we will just do what we can.   If anyone wants to put in their papers on go on a mission PLEASE come here and HELP us!!!!!  It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. 
I will write all about what we have been doing etc. next week hopefully when things slow down a bit (maybe). 
We are fine though and enjoying our time with the Stevens.  We got a good ''safe" delivered today -- it took 4 guys to carry it in and they barely could do it.   The mission pres. wants us to have good security here so we are pricing a security system to be monitored.  Our home is the mission home of Malawi and it needs to be safe.    There have not been any problems here until a couple of weeks before we came and they had a break-in.  Security has been beefed up and more will be done.   We will have at least a couple of visitors this weekend staying in rooms here. 
Must run.  Love to all. 
Sister Bullock/mom/Nancy

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