Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter to everyone from Malawi.  Hope you have a good day and lots of good food.  We are feeding the missionaries this evening.  I am making roast chicken, stuffing, green beans mixed with butternut squash, potatoes and gravy AND apple crisp with ice cream.  They don't know what we are having but they wanted American food so that is what they are getting.  They are quite excited to be coming over to eat.  I doubt I will have any left overs. 
We attended the Ndirande (pronounced End er andee) Branch this morning for their first time meeting together.  I thought perhaps they would not be happy with their building as they used to meet in the nice chapel here but they are just so happy to have the place, even if it is not really that nice, because it is a lot closer to them and they can walk instead of having to pay for transport.  We have 47 to sacrament meeting.  All members over 18 were ask to stay afterwards so that they could be interviews and callings could be made.   It was a good meeting although there was not really much mention made of Easter or the Atonement. 
I am grateful for the Saviour and what He did for us all as we celebrate this Easter season, and always.  I'm grateful for family and friends and  the support you give us.  Love to you all!  Mom/Nancy

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