Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Investigators

This is a father and his two sons.  The dad saw the sign for our Meeting House last Sunday and went in and joined them for the meetings.  He says he has been searching for 'something'.   He attended the baptisms yesterday and then we arranged to meet with him and his two sons in the afternoon.  He is a deputy head master at a Secondary school.   His wife died in a car accident about 6 years ago.    We had a good lesson with them -- sitting on a mat on their porch.  There were too many little ants for our liking but at least they aren't the 'biting' kind.    He wonders why he couldn't have found this Church when he was much younger!     He was a very good student as he has done a lot of reading this past week of pamphlets etc. that Bro. Chisambo gave him.   We had the zone leaders with us (Elders Hewlett and Elder Dowse) and as they taught he would finish their sentences.  He is very eager to learn more.  The father's name is Paulgodfrey (1 word) and one son is Godfrey and I can't remember the other son's name - it is a hard one.
We just love days like that!!!!!

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Lynn said...

Oh SO many good things happening for you all. Loved the post with the baptism photos too. How exciting. Good to see!