Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interesting facts in the newspaper today

Minimum wage in Malawi is 5280 kwacha ($31.60 U.S.) per month!   Believe me that is not enough when a bag of maize, which will feed one person for about a month, costs 4000 kwacha.  Rents start at about 2500 kwacha for a small 1 room place.  It is no wonder we hear children tell us that they go to bed hungry. 
The Malawi Congress of Trade Union is proposing a 660 percent hike in minimum wage to help fight the high cost of living.  That would bring it up to 40,000 kwacha a month or about $240 U.S.     I can't see that happening but there certainly needs to be an increase.    People work really hard here SIX DAYS a week and get paid so little.  Food prices have really gone up in the past six months.    It is all about survival here for most people.  Luckily some  can grow gardens year round and that is what sustains them but there are areas that have had severe drought this season. 
I hope you all realize how lucky you are to live where you do!!


Robert McFadzean said...

Malawi is rating as mostly unfree by Heritage. Prosperity correlates with freedom, so I would suspect that the lack of freedom is the biggest problem in Malawi when it comes to economics.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like times are very difficult for the people there, including you. How sad that people have difficulty with telling the truth. How difficult it must have been for you to have to tell them they couldn't serve missions. It is such a blessing that the Church has policies that never change. Hopefully, those who were wanting to serve will realize that this is one of the things that makes the Church true.

Lynn said...

Oh yes. More and more each day, I count my blessings to have a home where I do. Thanks for sharing all the ups and downs of your mission. I learn a lot.