Monday, October 10, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving day, Monday, Oct. 11th

We hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving and eating lots of turkey.  No turkey to be found here!! 

We are in Lilongwe and Jim and the Elders were up early and sitting in a diesel queue.  The depot is next to them and they are loading up the tanker and then it will download at the station so they WILL get diesel today and with any luck at all will get all the jerry cans filled up too.  I think they have 7 of them.  Getting up early paid off though as they only have 4 big trucks in front of them instead of dozens and their jerry cans are about 10th in line. Diesel is still a problem and it has been worse lately. 

We got the Lilongwe Branch moved into the new building on Saturday and things set up.  It will work well and gives them so much more space.  We went to "Game" a store here sort of similar to Walmart (in fact, it has just been bought by Walmart).  We returned the 6 bicycles that we bought a couple of weeks ago for the Elders as they were just not good bikes and all had problems.  Luckily they gave us back our money.  We bought some appliances for the Elders new flat and also for the Couple's flat that we are setting up soon (stored those appliances in Collin's garage).  It only took us about 5 hours to buy them and go to the loading dock and receive them.  That was an experience!!  We also bought 40 chairs for the new meeting house but when we were at the dock discovered that somehow we had bought a treadmill instead of chairs -- go figure!!   So back into the store to sort that out.   Anyway to make a long frustrating story short we finally received our goods.  That wasn't the only mix-up though and they are SOOOO slow.  Africa is trying to teach us patience!

We just heard that we may be getting a couple from Cardston to our mission are are hoping that they may be the ones that come to Malawi.  We are anxious to find out more.

Today we are moving two Elders into a new flat at the new meeting house.  We need to hook up the stove, water filter system etc. and make sure they have everything they need (pots, dishes, etc. etc.).  We have already gotten quite a bit of the stuff and it is sitting in Collins garage.  Thank goodness for the Collins family here.  They invited us for Sunday dinner last night too.

Later ...  Jim is back and they got diesel in the trucks and all jerry cans so we are good again for a little while.  It is always a relief.  We have lots to do today so better be on our way.

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